• It assists you in the production process, efficiently.
  • The operator knows his/her tasks and it's deadline using Watchman.
  • Quality Control made easier.
  • Watchman provides with detailed reports post-production.
  • Production can be planned at a global level using Watchman.

ICC Control

  • Advanced touch screen.
  • Visual symbols for ease of operation.
  • Human-friendly.
  • USB Connection.
  • Energy saving mode.
  • Pressure & Die position displayed.

UC Control

  • Tool change wizard informs when to change the die set.
  • Has exact & logical navigation.
  • Connectivity through Ethernet & USB ports.
  • Accessed with Online Quality Controling.
  • Energy saving mode & data storage.

MS Control

  • Basically for single piece production.
  • A smart device as it works semi-automatically.
  • Vernier dial for changing crimping diameter.